5 Reasons Why I love GoBundance- a Wife's Perspective

My husband is in an all men's mastermind group called GoBundance. According to their website, it is, "THE tribe for healthy, wealthy, generous men who choose to lead epic lives." The Gobundance philosophy aims to bring out the most in its member's capabilities and skills in order to "Grab Life Big." The 6 pillars cover the most important areas of life to develop: age-defying health, authentic relationships, horizontal income, extreme accountability, bucket list adventures and genuine contribution. This video does a great job of explaining what GoBundance is all about. 

I often get the question, "Do they have a women's group?" The answer is, "Nope." Let's be honest for a minute and agree that men and women are different. In general, women are pretty comfortable with face to face interaction right off the bat. This is how we relate to each other- we talk about it! Men, however, like to bond through experiences. They like to share an adventure shoulder to shoulder before they can dig into issues face to face, so that is the way GoBundance is designed. In the morning of their events, the guys have an epic adventure - anywhere from skiing, hiking, skydiving, water sports, or driving race cars and then they spend the evening masterminding about their dreams and goals for the future. I actually have no idea what really happens in that room, since I've never been invited, but I do see the after effects and that is why I love GoBundance for Mike. 

Here are the top 5 reasons I love GoBundance.

  1. My Man comes home on FIRE: After Mike has been gone for a few days with his GoBros, he comes home with a renewed sense of purpose. He is on fire for his family, for his business, and for himself. He knows what needs to happen and goes about doing just that. I think all the testosterone in the room boosts his own and he seems that much more manly when he gets back. His energy then inspires the whole family to follow suit.
  2. He's built amazing relationships: The men GoBundance attracts are exactly the guys I want my husband to hang out with. As he has built strong relationships with the men, I get the added bonus of becoming friends with their amazing wives. Our families have started becoming intertwined so much we've created a new branch of GoBundance, called FamBundance. At these events, the entire family is invited to have a grand adventure with a focus of on personal development and entrepreneurship. In January, we gathered before the men's trip in Whistler Canada for 3 fun-filled days of skiing, ice skating, yoga, Brotha James, and of course dreaming about the future. This summer we have already sold out a trip to see the solar eclipse in Jacksons Hole Wyoming in August. I love that through his connections with the men in this group that our whole family has gained new friendships. 
  3. The Swag: Mike's entire wardrobe is now GoBundance swag. After each event, he comes home with a bag full of carefully selected gear. Each trip has a unique shirt and the guys usually get a nice water bottle or another useful accessory in their swag bags. On the last ski trip, they were given neck gators and beanies. Also, when they join, they get a really nice welcome box full of books and GoBundance gear. 
  4. Ultimate Frisbee: The unofficial game of GoBundnace is ultimate frisbee. I was an athlete growing up and am super competitive, so I love to play something to workout. To practice, Mike started a pickup game last summer every other Sunday and I got to play too. It was really nice getting to know some of the local GoBundance guys and to get an excellent workout while having so much fun. 
  5. Couples Trips: Once or twice a year, the guys invite their wives to beautiful destinations and share GoBundance with us. You really get to know people well when you travel with them and these trips are no exception. In 2015, we went with a few other couples to the Bahamas and last summer we went on a biking tour through Sonoma wine country. In late 2016, they outdid themselves and went to Cabo and stayed in beautiful villas. These trips would not be complete without some adventure. In the Bahamas, we went scuba diving with sharks and in Cabo, they went zip lining, snorkeling with whale sharks and sea lions, and had an amazing race around Cabo San Lucas. 

I'm not the only wife who loves GoBundance either. I asked some of the other ladies and this is what they had to say. Kaleena said, "I love that after Aaron hangs out with his GoBuandance brothers, he comes home inspired to be a more present husband, father and business owner. He has a new energy that motivates all of us to live a big, healthy, exciting life and the memories we create just keep getting better!" Whitney said, "I am so happy Dan is part of GoBundance! They are his tribe and fill his bucket in a way nothing else can. He gets to travel the world with this amazing group of men, who share the same values, love of life and family, and encourage him to always be striving to be the best version of himself. His energy is infectious and inspires me to be the best version of myself too." 

I'm grateful for all the good GoBundance has brought to our world- new adventures, new friends, and inspiration. I'm grateful for Mike and all the hard work he has put into building this amazing tribe. I'm grateful for FamBundance and the friendships my kids are developing and the entrepreneurial skills they are learning in a fun way. If you know someone that may benefit from joining GoBundance, they can apply here. I love to hear from my readers, you can comment below, or the best way to say in contact is to join our Facebook Community. Hope to see you there :)


In Gratitude,