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"Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all of the others."
– Cicero

I'm grateful you're here!

Dear Grateful Parent,

I created this website as a place to collect resources that support our book The Miracle Morning for Parents and FamiliesThe content on this blog is a continuation of the learning I am doing as a parent (and human). I also have a list of Books we Love, of course it has the rest of the Miracle Morning series books, as well as my favorite personal development, parenting and kids picture books. Recently I created a page listing Coaches on Your Side. If you're needing a little extra accountability a coach can be invaluable! My intention is this website will encourage and enlighten you. I am a big believer that gratitude is the best place to start in life, parenting and any spiritual practice. If you do only one thing I recommend, consider expressing gratitude for the blessings in your life! If you'd like to join the conversation with other like-hearted parents, please, join our Facebook Community.

In Gratitude, 

Lindsay McCarthy :)

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Praise for the Book:

This book is a must read for parents and grandparents wanting to teach their kids not only how to start their day, but also create a life with purpose and passion. I loved the CHARMS!
— Tina on Amazon

It is neat to make the Miracle Morning something for the whole family - so we are all starting our day with more intention and gratitude and purpose that can help carry us through the day and toward achieving our goals. Thank you to the team of authors for creating something really special!
— Lindsay Ambrose, host of EveryDayEveryMom Podcast

The original Miracle Morning changed my life and others in the series have been very helpful too.
This one is changing my life again!
I’ve inconsistently included my kids in my Miracle Morning over the years. And now I finally have a proven structure to work from that they are enjoying.
This may be the best in the series for me.
Of course there’s the strategic and tactical part of doing CHARMS with your kids, but there’s more to this book than that.
Like every other book I’ve read in the series, the part that stands out most to me is the Mindset Development that’s “hidden” in the pages.
— Verified Amazon Review
LOVE this book! Total game-changer. As a parent of two boys, I highly value ideas that help me engage with my kids and positively influence their day. I use the Miracle Morning routine myself and it’s changed my life in huge ways, so I’m positive that and teaching my kids this practice will be one of the great resources of their life. The CHARMS makes me feel like I’m doing something right as a parent (and that’s not always the case).
— Jon Vroman, speaker and founder of the Front Row Foundation

The book is of full of practices, ideas, techniques, helpful apps, unique ideas - you name it. It’s like a toolkit for parents.
— Jacqueline Kelm- Author The Joy of Appreciative Living: Your 28-Day Plan to Greater Happiness in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps

“The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families gave me real and actionable ways to be my healthiest self and lead my family into their own Miracle Morning practice. Our home is more peaceful, and my kids are enjoying it too! Wins all around! I can’t wait for the fruit of what years of this practice will be!”
— Alissa Daire Nelson- Daire Success Coaching and Host, Maximize Your Strengths Podcast

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