More on our Decision to Homeschool

In our book, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, I make it sound that travel is the only reason we chose to homeschool our kids, but that is not the full truth. Yes, we really do love to travel, we have traveled extensively, and most of our trips are not really vacations. My husband is the co-founder of a men's adventure mastermind group for entrepreneurs called GoBundance. The group takes several trips a year, so if the kids and I did not tag along, we would not see much of Mike. He is also the Regional Owner for the Greater PA region of Keller Williams Realty and gets to travel for training, teaching, and their annual conference called Family Reunion. We often tag along for those trips as well. Most of our travels are business related or visiting with family or friends who live all over the country. 

Our decision to homeschool our kids was a very personal one. Travel did play a part, but was not the most important reason. We value a love of learning and personal growth in our family and felt public education was just not the best fit for our family. It was a difficult decision and I make no judgment on how other families decide to educate their children. We live in a school district that consistently ranks in Newsweek's Top High Schools. I love our superintendent, Jim Scanlon. He listens to the parents and truly does the best he can with the resources at his disposal. He has taken a strong stance on getting unnecessary testing out of our schools and I think he's taking small steps in the right direction. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the public schools in our school district. They are FULL of dedicated teachers, counselors, and administrators. However, ALL public schools have limited resources. They are limited by the size of the school, by budgets, by transportation and by the government. Our family lives in a world of abundance, and as such, we did not want our kid's learning to be limited by bureaucracy. 

As a homeschool family, the only limits are the ones that we put on ourselves. We are not ready to take on the system as a whole, so as a family we decided to "be the change we want to see in the world." Public schools are a relatively new creation and they were designed in the industrial age to create model factory workers. The business landscape is very different from that time, yet the system has not changed much. The world we live in now is one that demands innovation and creativity, yet our public schools have their hands tied behind their backs and don't have the freedom or resources to keep up with the demands of the market. This is not what we personally wanted for our children.

I did not include all the reasons we homeschool in the book because I didn't feel it was the right place to do so. As I share in my post, All Great Parents are Homeschool Parents... no matter where their kids go to school, "We didn't choose to homeschool because we think we can do school better at home, but that we can do HOME better than school." I am much more interested in the character development of my children than which facts they memorize. Here are a few videos that helped open my eyes to the state of education in our country and to what is possible with alternative education.

Do schools kill creativity?

The history of public schooling

Waiting for Superman Trailer

Homeschool at it’s finest!

I have many passions, one is personal development, another is teaching my kids how to find their purpose and one happens to be travel. Yes, we have co-created our lives in such a way that we get to travel extensively. We believe giving our children these travel experiences is an education they will never forget and can get in no other way. It's one thing to read about Niagara Falls and entirely different to feel the spray on your face and hear the intense roar of the water. It's great to see pictures of the Rocky Mountains, but so much more powerful to stand on the top of a mountain, witnessing the beauty of nature and having a mountain goat stand 10 feet away.  

I'm grateful for alternative education and the community we've built around us and our children. I'm grateful for the lessons from nature and travel that we have experienced as a family. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn side by side with my children and be their partners in the lifelong pursuit of growth and knowledge. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below or join the conversation in our Facebook Community.

In Gratitude,