My Personal Affirmations

Tony Explains Incantations

The affirmations that are in The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families are simply examples. Some community members still had questions so I thought I'd share my personal affirmations to help those who may be struggling with them. I use several different schools of thought for my personal affirmations. In 2014, I attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. At the conference he explains the difference between an affirmation and an incantation. The difference is the energy you put behind the words and the changing of your physiology that takes place as you recite the words. With incantations, you are basically training your mind to have new beliefs. The set of incantations Tony teaches is this, "Now I am the voice, I am a Leader. I will Lead, not Follow. I will believe, not Doubt. I will Create, not Destroy. I am a Force for Good. I am a Force for God. I am a Leader. Defy the Odds. Set a New Standard. Step Up. Step Up. Step Up."

This is how I start my affirmations, but slightly modified to fit my own personal beliefs. I start by saying out loud, "Now I am the voice. I am a Leader. I will Lead, not follow. I will Believe, not Doubt. I will Create, not React. I am a Force for Good. God is a Force that runs through me. I am a Leader. I will Defy the Odds. I will set a new standard. I Step Up, Step Up, Step Up." Next I move into other beliefs I need daily reminders about. 

 "I am blessed and open, Spirit comes from within." This was a mantra I created on a retreat with my Spirit Coach, Jenai Lane. It's a reminder to me that my life is happening for me and not to me and that when I remain open to opportunities, more come my way. It's a reminder that I am the creator of my own reality and that I give the experiences in my life meaning. 

"I am FREE." We are all free to make our own choices. I need to be reminded daily that life is made up of the choices I make from moment to moment. I am the only one holding myself back from anything in my life I'm not wanting. I may not have control over everything that happens to me, but I do have full control over how I respond.

"I am pure, unbounded awareness." This one was in a Deepak Chopra meditation I listened to and really resonated with me. I believe that this is true of every human being, so I wanted to remind myself daily and added it to my affirmations. Hal suggests to always be on the look out for quotes and ideas to add to your affirmations, which is what I did here.

"I am the best teacher for my children." As a homeschool mom, I often feel that I don't do enough to purposefully teach my children, but deep in my soul I believe the love I have for my kids is unmatched and because of that love I am uniquely qualified to teach them. I know I am not the authority on all subjects, but I do believe I am just as capable as anyone on the planet to educate them and that I am willing to put in the time and energy to learn along side of them. I also believe that children learn so much through our example, so as long as I am growing as a person and following my dreams and passions they will ultimately pick up those behaviors.

"I am a loving and supportive wife and will show this by sharing gratitude for my husband today." My husband and I share the love language "words of affirmation," so a (mostly) daily practice we have instituted in our household is to share out loud (or sometimes in text message) something we are grateful for in each other. This affirmation is a reminder to do just that. To discover your love language click here. 

"I am healthy, energetic and whole." I believe our true nature is perfect health and that everyone is capable of it when they make healthy choices. This affirmation is my reminder to eat for energy instead of pleasure and to move my body instead of living a sedentary lifestyle. This affirmation was inspired by the work of Louise Hay and her book You Can Heal Your Life

"I am worthy and responsible for creating ___________ in my life and I will prove it today by these actions: _______________" I need daily reminding that I am worthy. I change the blank daily depending on what actions I need to take that day towards the goal I am working towards. Sometimes it's peace, sometimes love, praise, success, relaxation, a massage, quiet... whatever. I believe every human is worthy of the best life has to offer and this is my daily reminder of that fact. I used to have the word "deserving" in this affirmation but I changed it after listening to the Front Row Factor Podcast with John Townsend, author of The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success In Doing Hard Things The Right Way. Hal shares a similar formula to create affirmations in the Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations that goes like this: I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of ___________ (whatever you deeply want, but are holding yourself back from) as any other person on Earth, and I will prove that by doing __________ (the specific actions(s) that will move you forward today). When you have a specific goal in mind this is a great formula to use. I used this when I was writing The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families. My daily affirmation was, "I am just as deserving of writing a book as any other human on the planet and I will prove it today by writing the next chapter of my book (or whatever action I needed to take that day)." This affirmation is not the same each day because the actions I take are not the same each day. I may repeat this one a few times based on the actions I need to take that day.       

"I radiate the light of Creator, while graciously serving those who cross my true path." This is my purpose statement I created, so I say it everyday to remind me of my mission on Earth. This is the ultimate goal of my life to shine my light to give others permission to do the same.

"I am love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." These are the fruits of the Spirit from the Bible (Galatians 5:22-23). I am not a religious person, but these seemed like virtues anyone would experience when they are living in integrity with themselves and being fully present in life, so I added them to my daily reminders. 

I end each morning by bowing to myself in the mirror and saying, "Namaste." From my understanding, namaste means the light in me honors the light in you, or the soul in me bows to the soul in you. It reminds me that we are all connected through energy and to focus on deepening my connections with everyone I come across that day and be aware of the energy I put out into the Universe.

I truly believe what we focus on expands, so if we think of our daily affirmations as reminders of the things we want to expand in our lives we can't go wrong. I'm grateful for the power of affirmations, incantations, intentions or whatever you'd like to call it. I'm grateful for the many teachers I've had in my life who have all put their own unique spin on this practice and for anyone that this message has lifted up. 

I'm grateful my affirmations have helped shape the person I am become every day. I'm grateful they are continually evolving as I am. I'm grateful for the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families Facebook Community for inspiring this blog post. I'd love to hear your affirmations. Please comment below or join the conversation in our Facebook Community.

In Gratitude,