In My Absence

         I want to apologize for not writing in a while. I wanted to fill you all in on what has been going on in my world lately. In the last month, I have been busy growing, teaching and connecting. In May, I had the amazing opportunity to witness the first 1 Life Fully Lived one-day event for high school students. It was so inspiring to see the next generation dreaming big and hearing Jeff Hoffman’s message to, “chase excellence, not money.” The following day, I attended a fundraising financial event with Jeff Hoffman, Lisa Harris, and Christopher Lochhead. Then a group ran the Broad Street 10 Mile Run the day after that. In May, I also had a quick trip to Austin to celebrate our good friend David Osborn turning 50! And I attended a one-day Mindful Woman Retreat where we dove into self-care and creating bold boundaries to make space for our needs.

          The day after the retreat our family flew to CO to close on my husband’s dream property up in the CO Rocky Mountains. We spent a week there shopping, organizing and figuring out how to work all the crazy electronics. We flew back to PA just in time to facilitate a 3-day family mastermind at our home with 13 amazing families before we relocated to Philadelphia for the weekend to attend the East Coast 1 Life Fully Lived Conference. There we again got to hear the brilliance of Jeff Hoffman, along with Jeff Kaylor, Jennifer Groover, Neale Godfrey and many others. I also had the opportunity to teach a live CHARMS session for kids and help both kids and adults create a vision board.


          Then next weekend, Tyler and I flew to Utah to attend the Board Meeting International Elevation Summit where we spent time bonding with each other and 25 other entrepreneur parent-child pairs. Dr. Shefali led us in some fun and powerful exercises. We got to play together and have some new experiences. Mike stayed at home with Ember and they had their own amazing weekend complete with a limo ride to a Jack Johnson concert and a turtle race at a local beer garden. When we got back from Utah, I had a few days to get ready for Tyler’s homeschool evaluation and I also helped host a screening of the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” at Open Connections.

          We decided to spend the summer in our new CO home, so I had a lot of packing and organizing to do before we left on June 23. We’ve had a great first weekend in CO and are excited to see what the summer holds for us here. I’m working on getting some help set up here so I can continue to write throughout the summer. I want to go deeper and start implementing all I learned at the amazing events I’ve experienced recently and pass those lessons on to you.

            I’m grateful for a flexible “job” so we can spend our summer in CO. I’m grateful for the beautiful views I wake up to every morning and the many activities we can experience so close by. I’m grateful for all the learning I’ve done over the past month or so and excited to dive deeper by sharing my takeaways with you. I’m grateful I’m able to co-create my life with Mike and the kids so we all get what we want. I'd love to hear from you! Please join our Facebook Community to join the conversation. Tell us about your summer plans.