EveryDayEveryMom Podcast Interview

I had the privilege to meet Lindsay Ambrose in Chicago at the Miracle Morning Mastery and Co-Creation Experience. It was an amazing experience where we learned about appreciative inquiry and were led through exercises to discover, dream, design, and come up with a deployment strategy for the future of the Miracle Morning movement. During one of the exercises, Lindsay and I got to connect and uncovered how much we had in common. We both have a passion for encouraging moms to fill themselves up so they can give more in the world and to their families. 

The EveryDayEveryMom podcast is focused on interviewing moms who share their life recipes and experiences in finding fulfillment across different areas of life. When we are filling ourselves up in life- health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, work- then we can give more to our families and be better parents.

It might sound strange, but washing the dishes is the one thing I go to if I’m feeling chaotic.
— Lindsay McCarthy

EveryDayEveryMom was the first podcast interview I've ever done and I want to express gratitude to Lindsay for making it so easy and fun. I hope you all enjoy our conversation as much as I did. 

You can find EveryDayEveryMom on iTunes or on her website. I'm episode #21 ;) If you do enjoy it help lift up a fellow parent by subscribing to her podcast and leaving her a review on iTunes!

I'm grateful for the positivity Lindsay is bringing to the world through her podcast. I'm grateful our paths crossed in Chicago and how much we have in common. I'm grateful for finding win-win collaborations with new friends. I'd love to hear your feedback. Please comment here or join the conversation in our Facebook Community

In Gratitude, 

Lindsay :)