The Power of Live Events- with Kids in Tow

Over the past few months, I've attended 3 Live events. The first was the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] Live which I already blogged about. The next two were both family events. Over New Year's, we visited sunny Del Rey Beach, FL and attended the Maverick Family Freedom event. Most recently we traveled to snowy Canada to attend the FamBundance Whistler event. Both events are designed for entrepreneur parents who want to give their kids a taste of their lifestyle in a fun and engaging way.

This was our first experience with Maverick1000 and it was a good one. According to their website, "Maverick1000 members are growth-oriented 21st century business leaders who collide at the intersection of ambitious business innovation, greater happiness and meaning in what they do. They believe their future is bigger than their past (regardless of what they've already achieved)." Once a year they invite their members to come together as families and have a special event to teach the kids entrepreneurship principles.

Our friend, Jim Sheils, author of The Family Board Meeting, invited us to this event and was one of the speakers. Jim told us the story about how he created the Family Board Meeting concept after he adopted his two sons seven years ago. He wanted a way to connect with his sons in an intentional, rhythmic way. It occurred to him that, in business, he meets with his inner circle once a quarter, so he decided to give his kids that same respect. He started scheduling one-on-one time quarterly with each of his kids. He also recognized that, in an important business meeting, it would be very rude to take a phone call, so he eliminated any technology on his family board meetings. Lastly, he found in business they would finish meetings with a quick review of what was accomplished, so he added a time of focused reflection to seal in the experience during his family board meeting too. From practicing the family board meeting and hosting one-on-one parent child retreats Jim has learned:

  1. To strengthen the family whole, it's important to separate the parts.
  2. We must disconnect (from technology) to reconnect to our kids.
  3. The best family board meeting ideas are experiential learning opportunities of your child's choice. 

Jim's Elevation Summit is in Eden, Utah June 9-11. Tyler and I will be in attendance. Hope to see you there! 


At the Maverick retreat, we also got to hear from author and real estate developer, Frank McKinney and his beautiful daughter, Laura. They encouraged us to exercise our risk muscles and acknowledged that ingenuity and creativity are rewarded in today's business environment. We got to enjoy lunch at their beautiful home and recreate the walk to school they did every day in Laura's youth. They have chronicled those adventures in a book called Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes and the Good Luck Circle. We went on a photo scavenger hunt, enjoyed a blind dinner where we had no idea who our dinner guests would be, we had a pajama party with a magician, attended a baseball game for the Miracle League, the kids got to practice their sales skills by selling New Year's Eve gear and we got to ring in the new year all together on the beach. The founder of Maverick100 and author, Yanik Silver, shared his 13 Silver Keys with us and I also took the families through a CHARMS session. 

The next event we attended was the FamBundance Whistler event. Just check out the video below to see the awesomeness of that event.

I wanted to share the details of these events so you could get a sense of what goes on at these events. Family mastermind events are certainly different than adult only events, but in my humble opinion are better. If you are a parent that truly wants your family to be tightly bonded these events are a must! Not only do you become closer knit as a family unit, but you also meet other families with similar goals. In our book, we talk about having purposeful partnerships with other families and while attending events like Maverick Family Freedom and FamBundance you will find the exact families you'd want to partner with. The relationships built at these events are tighter than some friendships I've had since high school. There are no surface level conversations happening at these events, but deep, meaningful and life-changing conversations about values and visions for the future. At these events you co-create with your spouse and children the family life of your dreams and have the time of your lives with other like-hearted families. 

Here are my top 5 picks for events for the whole Family:

  1. FamBundance Philadelphia June 1-2, 2017 (Note: This event is only open to current GoBundance Mastermind Members)
  2. 1Life Fully Lived Philadelphia June 3-4, 2017
  3. Elevation Summit Eden, Utah June 9-11, 2017
  4. The MORE Retreat Marana, AZ June 9-11, 2017
  5. Tony Robbins UPW New Jersey July 20-23, 2017 (Note: This event is very intense and is best for teens and not intended for young children- also Tony uses some foul language- check out the documentary I'm Not Your Guru before making the choice if it's right for your family)

I'm grateful for the events I've attended with my family and the lasting memories they've created. I'm grateful for all the relationships that have been created and strengthened with other families by attending these events. I'm grateful for the Shelis family, for their friendship, leadership and kindness. I'd love to hear about events you've attended with your family. Tell me in the comments below or better yet, join the conversation in our Facebook Community.

In Gratitude,